NBA DFS Articles


NBA DFS is one of the most popular fantasy sports to play. The knowledge gap has decreased exponentially over the years as the competition has increased. Our writers are here to help you find a solid strategy that fits your style of play. Whether you prefer to play it safe or go for large tournament money, our NBA DFS writers are here to help.

In NBA DFS, minutes, usage, and value are key. If a player is not on the court they cannot score. Additionally, they need to touch the ball to score points. This is where usage comes into play. Usage is defined as a player ending a possession. It can be with a shot, assist, or turnover. We want players with high usage rates in our lineups. Finally, players get injured from time to time and before a site can increase their roster salary we can pounce on these players for a very cheap price compared to their role. Finding these values can help increase the floor and ceiling of our lineups.

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