NFL DFS Week 9 – Studs and Duds

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Welcome back, everybody! With week eight in our rear view mirror, week nine brings some very interesting matchups that I will look to help you exploit and also avoid. Before we get into week nine NFL DFS, I want to take a look back at how some of my Studs and Duds did last week. Just so everyone has an understanding of what classifies someone as a “Stud” versus a “Dud, A stud is someone that I think will finish top ten at their position that week. A dud is someone that I think will finish outside the top twenty-four at their position.

Studs I got right:

Jared Goff- In a match up with the Bengals, Goff responded with 372 yards and two touchdowns, scoring 25.88 fantasy points. He finished as the overall QB8 in week eight. Goff relied heavily on Cooper Kupp, who responded with 220 yards and a touchdown. Goff continues to have an up and down fantasy season but can continue to be used when he has a good matchup.

Matthew Stafford- Dealt a dream matchup with the New York Giants terrible secondary, Stafford had a monster game in week eight. Scoring 27.38 fantasy points, Stafford finished as the overall QB5 for the week. With the loss of Kerryon Johnson forcing the Lions to take a more pass-heavy approach, more big games could be on the horizon for Stafford this season.

Aaron Jones- Facing off with the Kansas City Chiefs, Aaron Jones may have single-handedly won you money this week. Finishing with 44.6 fantasy points, Jones was the top overall scorer at the running back position in week eight. With Head Coach Matt Lafleur continuing to scheme him into the passing game, Jones is beginning to look a lot like what Todd Gurley “used” to look like in the Rams offense. The only thing standing between Jones and a top-five running back finish is Green Bay’s continued usage of Jamaal Williams.

Kenny Golladay- With Matthew Stafford having a big game, it’s only right that his favorite target had a big game as well. “Babytron” teed off on the Giants this week, scoring 32.3 fantasy points and finishing as the overall WR3 in week eight. Golladay continues to be one of only five wide receivers to receive at least a 25% share of their teams’ targets. With Stafford continuing to look to Golladay in the red zone, expect a few more monster performances from him this season.

Evan Engram- While Engram didn’t put up a monster game in week eight, it was still good enough to justify his placement on the stud list. Engram finished with 14 fantasy points, finishing as the overall TE7 in week eight. With no dominant wide receiver to hog the targets, Engram should continue to be the number one target for Daniel Jones for the rest of the season.

Studs I got wrong:

Sony Michel- Coming off an awesome three-touchdown performance in week seven, Michel made the stud list based on his great matchup with Cleveland. Finishing with just 7.4 fantasy points, Michel ended week eight as the overall RB38. With no usage in the passing game and New England continuing to use Tom Brady QB sneaks and Brandon Bolden in goal-line situations, Michel’s usage will continue to be a headache for fantasy players.

John Brown- After being hyped up as my favorite “Stud of the week”, John Brown finished with only 10.4 fantasy points, ending the week as the overall WR40. Mother nature just wasn’t going to allow a big finish for anyone in the passing game this week, as both the Eagles and Bills dealt with 30 to 40 mile per hour winds all game. As the top weapon on a team with an easy schedule, I expect Brown to put up much better performances as the season goes on.

Hunter Henry- After two great performances in a row since his return from injury, Henry only scored 8.4 fantasy points in week eight. While I love Henry as a player, the Chargers passing game continues to be erratic from week to week. With the tight end landscape being so barren, you can still use Henry based on their matchup.

Duds I got right:

Carson Wentz- Already dealt a matchup with a great Bill’s secondary, Wentz also dealt with 30-40 mile per hour winds during this game. Wentz finished with 14.38 fantasy points, ending the week as the overall QB20. Wentz enters every matchup with the potential to boom, but his inconsistent play this season is one that I would look to avoid in future weeks.

Baker Mayfield- There’s one rule you follow in Daily fantasy this season, Do not put quarterbacks in your lineup against the Patriots defense. Mayfield finished as the QB23, scoring 12.56 fantasy points in week eight. With expectations through the roof entering the season, Mayfield and the Browns have been one of the biggest disappointments this season. Mayfield has evolved into a player that can only be used in the best of matchups.

Derrick Henry- Going up against a Tampa Bay defense that has been dominant all season against the run, Henry continued the trend of running backs disappointing against them. Henry scored only 6.8 fantasy points, finishing the week as the overall RB35. Henry is going to continue to be the focal point of the Titans offense going forward. But his limited usage in the passing game always makes him a candidate to disappoint in any given week.

Zach Ertz- Just like his buddy Carson Wentz, Ertz failed to have a good game against the Bills this week. Finishing with just three fantasy points, Ertz ended the week as the overall TE27. With Dallas Goedert fully healthy and starting to ball out, Ertz has continued to underachieve this season. While plenty of people will be upset with his play, be ready to add him to your lineup if his price continues to plummet.

Now that I’ve recapped last week, let’s get into week nine.

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