NHL DFS has traditionally been a very niche sport. At Fantasy Sports Group we have regular NHL DFS content to help you build successful lineups. Our writers are big fans of the game as well as fantasy sports. Our writers are active NHL DFS players who are transparent in their picks. If you need help with daily fantasy hockey then you are in the right place. 

In daily fantasy hockey, it is common practice to stack a center with a wing. The reasoning for this is that if a goal is scored while they are on the ice it is likely that they were involved. It is also likely that the accrued fantasy points for a goal or assist. 

It can also be a good strategy to stack a defense man with a goalie in daily fantasy hockey. When a goalie shuts out a team or gives up a low amount of goals, his defense surrounding him is usually solid. It’s also a smart tactic to deploy a goalie against teams with a low shot to goal ratio. 

Finally, a common strategy we recommend is to deploy power play skaters in your NHL DFS lineups. You can find which skaters are on power play lines (PP1, PP2) at Daily Faceoff as a staple to your daily fantasy hockey process.  If you play daily fantasy hockey on a regular basis, your skill set is very familiar with NFL DFS. Click here to learn more.