curtis mcelhinney

NHL DFS – 10-06-19

My advice tonight is to bet light. We have a three game slate on hand and in order to win you’ll have to get most plays right. Most of the plays will be duplicates and you may end up having an identical lineup with a couple of other people.

10/6 Odds

Tonight is kind of a weird one.  I like looking to game stack the Islanders and Jets with some Tampa bay and Detroit for value.

Player Pool:
There isn’t going to be much of a player pool today what we are going to do is look at the lines and spots I like and call it done there just aren’t that many players playing tonight.

Recommended lines:
Today NYI PP1 is my favorite play
Tam Line 2
WPG Line 2
Carolina Line 1
Dallas Line 2
Detroit Lines 1 and three

Klingberg is my number 1 defender today
Gardnir is up there on the list as well
Tampa D pairing 1 as well

Tampa: Vasilevsky or Mcelhinny
Dallas: Bishop or Khodobin

Higher Risk Petr Mrazek