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NHL DFS Breakdown 11/9/19

NHL DFS: Top Targets on the Day Carolina, Colorado, Toronto, Montreal, and Washington! All of these teams have implied overs of 3.4 or higher which is really, really good for hockey.

NHL DFS: Top Line Plays

nhl dfs

The lines above are my favorite stud and value plays of the night, I can sit here and list off all the huge names playing, Ovechkin, Matthews, Tavares, Mackinnon but that doesn’t get us too far when trying to construct a line up here.

Montreal: has been on a tear averaging 4 goals a game playing the LA kings who can’t even beat Ottawa this year. The Kings are a prime spot for us to attack each and every night they are on the slate. I’m starting a full 4 Montreal stack tonight.

Colorado: This team just hung a 9 spot on one of the best defensive teams in the league, 9 goals, it might look like point chasing however I’m rolling the dice with this team tonight, they are doing this without two of their best players. Landeskog their captain and their leading goal scorer from last year aren’t even playing right now. Doonskoi is my favorite play from this game.

Carolina: This team continues to get Swiss cheese match ups, they draw Ottawa tonight, Any team should be putting up 4-5 goals on Ottawa per night, the lead the league in shots allowed and can’t kill a power play to save their life at this point. They looked better last game vs LA but that was because well they played LA and it was like watching two high school teams AND I LOVE Drew Doughty but it was just abysmal. These teams will remain on the target list no matter what, until proven otherwise.

All Line Images are from Dailyfaceoff

NHL DFS: Other Spots to attack
Tor 1 or 2 now that Tavares is back
Washington PP 1
New York Islanders 2
Philladelphia 2

Thanks for following along and I hope everyone took the premium sheets advice last night and roll EDM instead of Boston with a Pastrnak 1 off! Sheet will be updated later 4PM Est or so! If you want to check out any of my other articles have a look over @fantasysportsgroup