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NHL Empty Net 10/30/19

from Fantasylabs

Empty Net:

Good Evening everyone, Apologies for the tardiness of this article since lock is so close I am going to give you my best picks for the evening only! As you can see we have a nice 6 game slate, 4-6 game slates are my absolute favorite.

Top Line Stacks:

Vancouver 1:


Aside the Boston team this line is the best in hockey right now, they aren’t super over priced on either site and they draw the best match-up goaltending wise Quick has been abysmal and my good lord its fun to pick on him. Lock this line in with Alex Edler you should see 1-2 goals per game from these guys

Tampa bay 2 (1): I don’t know who will skate vs the top line but TB’s 1/2 line are a 1 on any other team.


I am so mad at this combination from last night they were in one of the best spots on the slate and I expected more from them however we live with our decisions. NJ has not been spectacular on Defense by any means meaning that our guys here should have a great rebounding effort. Ryan Hedman left last nights game with an injury and probably will be out tonight FIRE UP RYAN MCDONAUGH.

Edmonton Powerplay 1


Mcdavid is probably the consensus #1 player in hockey but are James Neal and Leon Draisaitl giving him an absolute run for his money. This line should score, plain and simple they should put a ton of shots on net and Columbus just can’t seem to put it together right now.

Other Spots:

Columbus Power play 1

New Jersey Line 1:
Hall/Hughes Mini stack

Colorado Line 1:

Florida Line 1:


Vatanen/Ekman-Larson/ Mcdonaugh


Empty Net Conclusion:

This slate has some great options, I take a shot in multiple formats tonight TBL is my highest rated play of the night. Fitting them in with some mini stacks is what I’ll be doing tonight! I hope everyone has been having a great season and if you’re looking to check out my last article on how to become better at NHL DFS have a look here @fantasysportsgroup