NHL DFS Penalty Shot 10/21/19

NHL DFSNHL Penalty Shot 10/21/2019:

Happy Monday everyone and welcome back to another NHL DFS Penalty Shot breakdown! I know a little bit enthusiastic on what most consider the worst day of the week! Tonight we have a slim 4 game slate to look at but being honest these ones can be my favorite slates. I’ve found the best bet on these is to bet with Vegas and take your shots with your gut. With that being said lets get right into it!

What does Vegas think? Brought to you courtesy of Fantasylabs.

Quick Thoughts:
Immediately what we can do is eliminate all the teams who show up here with an implied total under three. However that would mean fading a team playing Toronto and that is hard to do.

NHL DFS Penalty Shot: 10/21/2019: Game Targets

For those of you who have been following along the past few weeks you know we have two targets on this slate that I love to go after:

#1) The Ottawa Senators, this team is just abysmal. I like this team and I want them to be good but they just aren’t there yet.

#2) This one is easy as we will pick on Toronto until they prove that they are too good to be picked on.

On these smaller slates I like to take into consideration power-play percentages a lot as I want to match up the good power play lines versus the bad penalty kill lines 80% of the time. That’s where we can find some value.

NHL Power Play Percentages

Courtesy of the NHL

We can see above that Vegas, Toronto, Philadelphia, and Colorado have the best power play percentages so far this year. Keep in mind that the season is still young.

NHL Penalty Kill Percentages:

Penalty Kill Statistics: courtesy of the NHL

At the bottom of the list we have Philadelphia, Columbus, Toronto, and Ottawa. Just by cross referencing some basic statistics we’ve found out we want Vegas, Toronto’s, Columbus’s power play line.

NHL Penalty Shot 10/21/19: Targets

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That will do it for the Penalty shot article for today, if you want to check out my last article you can find it here at fantasysportsgroup.