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NHL Line Construction:

NHL Line Construction:

Good Afternoon Everyone,

There is a small two game slate tonight so we won’t be getting into a breakdown of that, I am happy to provide assistance through slack if you want to play tonight. Please tag me @codygrondin in the Slack chat and I will do my best to get back to you. My goal is that everyone feels confident that they can build a lineup by themselves with minimal guidance and feel good about what they are putting out.

Every morning I want to play I check the game schedule and look for places I think I’ll be able to exploit. What this means is I am looking for the games I think are easily predictable, after looking at the game schedule I go over to Fantasylabs and go to the NHL Vegas homepage.

This page you’ve seen here time and time again what I am looking for are the games that looked good earlier but now I want to know the implied goal total. I like that FLA /VAN game FLA isn’t great on defense and VAN is at home. However, VAN isn’t good at defense so I would want to game stack this game on a night like tonight.

A General rule of thumb you can go by is you probably want to start lines 1/3 for home teams and 2 from away teams. This is due to the hockey coaches at home have what they call last change meaning they can match up their top defensive lines vs the away teams top scoring line. This means more if the home team has a true shut down defensive pairing that they are able to match up versus the top line of the away team.

Goalie selection for me comes from teams that are the biggest favorite vs teams with the lowest implied totals. If i’m am looking for a very GPP type goalie I’ll look for shot volume and win percentage. Maybe as well as historically how he has performed in the past playing the other team.

I am probably not the only way who feels this way but Minutes=Money, I build my lineups from defense outward. Defensive players play on average more minutes than offensive players. I want big time offensive defensemen so they are on the ice 20 plus minutes per night.

Line Construction for tonight:
C Eichel, Horvot, Barkov
W Schaller, Olofsson, Dadonov, Miller/Boeser
D Edler, Yandle
G Hutton

Above is a player pool I would consider for tonight. I’m not big on Arizona however Keumper has been good. I hope that this helps everyone, if you’d like to check out any other content on the site check us out at fantasysportsgroup.