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NHL Top Stacks: 10/16/19

NHL Top Stacks: 10/16/19 – Due to a situation at work today I won’t be able to do a full break down for tonight. Instead of doing nothing I’d like to get some content out there for you guys. So I’ve decided to post my top line stacks of the night. Tonight is a fantastic slate, there are a ton of spots you can go, how ever that makes it super tough to take down GPP’s. I’m playing 80% cash tonight with a couple GPP fliers here and there.

NHL Top Stacks: 10/16/19 – Vegas Odds

Teams to consider on this 6 game slate, Edm, Col, Was, Tor, SJ, Car.
Chart Courtesy of Fantasylabs

NHL Top Stacks: 10/16/19 – Lines

Toronto PP1 Simply put this line is one of the best lines in the league. They had a nice night for us last night, and the season is still young. I don’t for see many issues with them coming off a B2B. Look for the power play to continue to dominate.

I made a living stacking against Toronto last year and will continue to do so, they are one of the worst defensive teams in the league. While Was isn’t generating as many HDC/60 as I would like them too they have a very nice match up here. I can see either line having a good night tonight.
It is hard for me to trust Edmonton, that said James Neal has changed the dynamic of this team and this power play is rolling.

Colorado is a powerhouse, they are a young team and have shown the ability to be great this year. I like the first line, but you could plug Kadri in to save some money over Mackinnon.

Under Owned Stacks: 10/16/19

Carolina 1 did well for us yesterday, empty net goals still count and that is all that matters. They draw the Sharks in San Jose and they are playing again after a 2-0 win last night. I think the fact that they are away and played yesterday keeps ownership low on them.

LA is a bad team, they out played Car yesterday, look for this team to score and probably score a lot. A game stack is in play here! Lines are courtesy of dailyfaceoff

Salary Saver:
Patrick Marleau

A-Tier: Bishop/Grubauer
B-Tier: Hutton/Gibson

Thank you for checking out the article, you should be able to piece your defenders from the power play lines listed above. Check out my article from yesterday! Fantasysportsgroup.