Murph’s NBA GPP Breakdown – 10/23/19


NBA GPP – The Breakdown

What’s up everyone?! I am super excited for this NBA season to finally get underway for NBA GPP Breakdowns. 2 game slates are just teasers and normally I don’t really play them but I had to because it was the first night. We have an 11 game slate tonight! 

Nick and I made a podcast last night breaking down each game. Go ahead and give it a listen if you haven’t yet and give us some feedback!


Let’s jump into this NBA GPP breakdown! A lot of the guys listed below can be plugged into different positions on Draftkings so use that to your advantage. If you have questions for FanDuel let me know and I can help out in the slack chat.

NBA – Top Point Guards

  1. Luka Doncic
  2. Jeff Teague
  3. Kemba Walker
  4. De’Aaron Fox

Value: Derrick Rose, Dennis Schroeder, Coby White (might be worth a punt)

NBA – Top Shooting Guards

  1. Donovan Mitchell 
  2. Jimmy Butler 
  3. Buddy Hield
  4. Zach lavine
  5. CJ McCollum

Value: Marcus Smart, Tim Hardaway Jr, Jarrett Culver

NBA GPP – Top Small Forwards

  1. Jayson Tatum
  2. Otto Porter Jr
  3. Robert Covington
  4. Ben Simmons 

Value: Mikal Bridges, Kyle Anderson, Thad Young

NBA GPP – Top Power Forward

  1. Kristaps Porzingis
  2. Lauri Markanen
  3. Marvin Bagley III
  4. Domantas Sabonis
  5. Aaron Gordon

Value: Taurean Prince, Markieff Morris (GTD), Brandon Clarke – Valanciunas will be limited tonight.

NBA GPP – Top Centers

  1. Karl-Anthony Towns
  2. Joel Embiid
  3. Nikola Jokic
  4. Wendell Carter Jr
  5. Jaren Jackson Jr

Value: Robert Williams, Jakob Poeltl, Nemamja Bjelica

 Running through each game last night and really studying this slate I wanted to point out a few things. First off playing the bigs in the Bulls and Hornets game is very enticing. Markkanen, Carter Jr, and LaVine or Porter stack is something I’m very interested in.

Second game is this Wolves and Nets game as we have a 229 point total and a 3.5 point spread. KAT, Teague, and Covington could feast tonight. Going to be an up and down game with little defense. Don’t mind Wiggins for Covington if you want to go that route. We just have no idea what kind of Wiggins we are going to get. 

Love this Kings and Suns game tonight sitting at a 232.5 point total. You will want a piece of this game somewhere or possibly going all in on a line up if you are building multiple. Fox, Hield, and Bagley plus Ayton, Rubio, and Oubre on the opposite side. -I also don’t mind Booker if you can some how get him in. 

That’s all I have for today

Good Luck!